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The 95th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo ended yesterday. One of the main subjects covered in this edition was the eco-technological development in fashion. Research and recycle are more and more closely related to create an alternative eco-oriented style.
Linked to this topic we decided to put an accent on two brands from our selection that are very sensitive to issues like social responsibility, environmental protection and recycling.

VEJA - “Making what we want the world to become”

The project was launched in 2005. The idea behind a pair of VEJA is “standing up with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility” that translated is making shoes differently. They believe the way of these shoes are made is the most important thing. For example using raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, no chemicals or polluting processes and a production that treat humans with respect and let them work in dignified condition. Depending on the model, Veja sneakers are made of ecological materials such as organic cotton canvas, recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton. Outer soles are made of rubber sourced in the Amazonian Forest where rubber trees grow in the wild. The Veja project put all the efforts to create a positive chain where transparency wins. See the collection.


Ragyard - One of a kind

Ragyard is a british brand founded in 2015 by Josephine Starsmore and with two stores in London. Their mission is to spread their ethical approach to fashion. All began thanks to their love for vintage. Every piece of the Ragyard’s collection is a result of their travels around the world selecting the most beautiful vintage products to bring home, and once back they start mixing and recycling every single piece bringing to life unique clothes and limited editions. Sartorial pieces in bold colours, lashings of sequins, exquisite appliqués and intricate embroideries. See the collection.






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