QC Terme di Bormio: a jewel in the mountains of Valtellina

Relaxed atmosphere, Art Nouveau style, cozy and bright rooms, nature, charm, class and silence: these are the characteristics that make the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi an intimate, almost secret place.


The reception and accommodation in Hotel

Our experience at the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi in Bormio started very early on the morning of the 22nd of September when, after a tour around the lakes of Cancano with e-bikes, we checked in.


In this picture: Diadora Heritage sneakers and Saint Barth pull.

The kind and helpful staff welcomed us at the entrance where, after the necessary explanations about the room and the anti-Covid security measures to be respected, they accompanied us to our room.

They brought us in a large bright room, very quiet and equipped with every comfort, a spacious bathroom with all the products for men and women, from face creams for her, to the kit to clean and polish shoes for him.

The Spa of the Old Baths

After unpacking our suitcases and changing, we headed to QC Terme Bagni Vecchi, a structure that is five minutes away by car with the same functionality as the Bagni Nuovi: Hotel and SPA.


In this picture: one-piace swimsuit from Oséree

This place is a true icon of alpine wellness with two thousand years of history.

The environment is designed specifically to promote the well-being and relaxation of guests, with dimly lit areas alternating with large bright spaces, saunas at different temperatures alternating with baths or showers of fresh water to rebalance the body temperature, relaxation rooms with comfortable mattresses, rocking chairs or wicker baskets hanging.

Around 5 pm you can have a healthy aperitif and then dive back into the thermal water pools and enjoy the sunset.

Dinner at Bagni Nuovi

Our evening did not end like that, however, around 8:30 p.m. we had dinner at the restaurant of Bagni Nuovi hotel: a majestic hall decorated with frescoes, which once hosted the receptions of the aristocracy of the Belle Époque.

Careful dishes, attentive staff, choice of wine based on what you ordered and a magical location make dinner at the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi in Bormio an unforgettable experience.


In this picture: Red Valentino pink dressheeled ankle boots and clutch by Versace Jeans Couture


The next day we woke up around 8:30 a.m. with a surprise waiting for us outside our room door: a wicker basket with everything you could want for a sweet or savory breakfast. At the time of booking you can decide between one of the three variants available: Italian Classic Breakfast, Cosmopolitan Breakfast, Healthy Breakfast.

Quantity but above all quality of the products are the correct adjectives for this wonderful breakfast in your room. 


The New Baths

After checking out we headed to the spa where you will not need to bring anything as at the entrance you will be given a bathrobe, towel and flip flops along with a bracelet-key of the large locker where you can leave your personal belongings.

The shower area is complete with bath foam, shampoo and conditioner and there is also a small plastic bag in which you can store your wet suit. In the locker room there are several face and body creams for both men and women, hair dryer and even a hair straightener.

The Bagni Nuovi di Bormio are a combination of history and tradition that is reflected in the waters of the largest thermal park in the Alps.

Here you will find more modern environments, a larger number of outdoor thermal pools and the mud bath (which unfortunately due to Covid was closed). Through the Grotta di Nettuno you will pass from outdoor to indoor environments, the Orto di Circe will allow you to rediscover the origin of senses linked to the scents of aromatic herbs and the pools of Saturn will lead you to a small house with an indoor fireplace.

A piece of advice that we give you is to open every door in front of you because it could lead you to some hidden rooms that will leave you breathless.


In this picture: one-piece swimsuit from MSGM.

This concludes our incredible experience and stay at the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi in Bormio. In addition to highly recommend it, we can define this magnificent place as the perfect place to spend a day of wellness and relaxation or maybe to celebrate a special occasion.



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