Diadora Heritage – Honouring tradition

Diadora heritage is a tribute to tradition. The aim of the company is giving a new life to models that have written pages of sporting history.

“Archives are our memory, shoes are our words, sport is our language.”

The highlights of the Diadora Heritage shoes are premium quality materials and a stone-washed treatment that gives the sneakers its typical vintage aesthetic. The colour palette goes from yellow, blue, silver, red to more delicate colors such as pink.

Our models:

Diadora MI Basket Used High sneakers

Model developed ad-hoc in 1984 in occasion of the Milan Basketball team sponsorship. The discipline of that year now has a new light thanks to the use of a very fine full-grain leather combined with a used vintage effect, which conveys the right effect of a skilfully aged shoe.

diadira heritage_mi basket used_vintage sneakers_tozzibologna
diadora heritage_mi basket row cut_sneakers_tozzibologna

Diadora Mi Basket Row Cut

Referencing the hero style MI Basket, it comes in a raw-cut version.
An unfussy but strikingly attractive aesthetic for yet another refresh of this gorgeous model. Unisex heritage sneaker crafted from full-grain leather stone-wash treatment and diadora fregio in a delicate colour palette which echoes the sweet lure of summer.

diadora heritage_mi basket row cut_sneakers_tozzibologna
diadora heritage_mi basket_row cut_sneakers_tozzibologna

Diadora Mi Basket Philly and Denver

The MI Basket celebrates the teams and champions of American basketball who have inspired millions of fans to dream big.


  • Made in italy
  • in collaboration with designer Leo Colacicco
  • Sporty DNA
  • Skilful aged effect

 The MI Basket Row Cut Philly 6 and Denver 55 are unisex Made in Italy trainers made from full-grain leather with special stone-wash treatment. The colours and number pay homage to the history of the franchise and those who ruled the court.

diadora heritage_mi basket_sneakers_Philly_Denver_tozzibologna

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